Initial Commit

1 minute read

Hi there. This is my first blog post.

I can’t remember how many times, after I solve a technical problem at work or at home, or simply, after I have an interesting experience, thought to myself “this can be helpful to other people, maybe I should write it down”.

Long ago, in its good times, I was writing these kind of stuff to Eksi Sozluk with the nickname samfisher, a Turkish collaborative dictionary that is pretty similar to the Urban Dictionary.

After Eksi Sozluk took some turns that I (and many other people) did not like, I have deleted all my posts there. Since then, I have been tweeting from time to time, writing answers in Stack Overflow, posting here and there. Unfortunately, none of these platforms gave me the same feeling of sharing my thoughts and information in the exact way I want.

All in all, I had this idea of starting my own blog since long time, guess I was either too busy or lazy. Finally, I decided to go for it and yesterday did the ground work for it.

I am thinking about writing on not only technical and work-related topics such as programming languages, how-to’s, Kubernetes, opinions on various technologies, people management and so on, but also non-technical, such as gaming, PCs, hobbies, life in Germany, various products and maybe some Turkish content. Have some initial topics in mind.

Let’s see how it goes. More will follow.